A process to create behaviors to ensure holistic well being of yourself; active management of illness; promote healthy living. Daily we all engage in a type of self-care through sleep, exercise, nutrition/choice of foods, oral and physical hygiene.

Smudge stick have a long history tied to ceremonial practices of Native Americans and are make of sage or cedar. It is popular when it comes to clearing negative energy or cleansing your space.

Best to open doors and windows of your space. Holding one end light the other and let it burn for a few seconds, then gentle blow out flame. Set your intention and work from outside (near doors & windows) then to the center of your space.

They are bits of the earth which are formed into crystalline structures that make the lovely formations like that of quartz and other stones. They aid in your meditation practice and spiritual healing.

Clear Crystal - the master healer – Crown

Amethyst - spirituality - Third Eye & Crown

Blue Spotted - builds inner strength - Heart & Throat

Green Aventurine - opportunity – Heart

Rose Quartz - unconditional love – Heart

Tiger Eye - helps focus the mind - Sacral & Solar Plex

Red Jasper - endurance - Root

The jars list ingredients by systematic names that are internationally recognized to identify cosmetic ingredients and created in 1973 by an American association to standardize products used in cosmetics. The website list the same ingredients but by their trade name or names most commonly known as

Our naturally scented products are those that have no additional fragrances added. We list it this way because butters, oils, and some extracts all have their own aroma/scent, so the product has some scent.